LIGAFIX interference screws have been designed to ensure graft fixation for ACL reconstruction.


LIGAFIX screws are characterized by their controlled resorption and their availability in several compositions and shapes. LIGAFIX 30 are rather used for fixing patellar tendon grafts. Their high mechanical strength provide a strong fixation for bone plugs, particularly in torsion and flexion. LIGAFIX 60 have been designed specifically for soft tissue transplants. Containing 60% of  osteoconductive Tricalcium Phosphate, they provide an optimal healing inside the tunnels.


LIGAFIX screws have been designed in Duosorb, composite material made of Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP) and Polylactic Acid DL (PLDL). This combination provide an osteoconductive , bioabsorbable and bioactive material while providing and excellent mechanical strength and elasticity.

LIGAFIX 30 screws are composed of 30% β-TCP and 70% of PLDL.
LIGAFIX 60 screws are composed of 60% β-TCP and 40% of PLDL. This innovative material is only manufactured by SBM.


  • Implant adapted to all kinds of techniques
  • Round or flat head screws
  • Osteoconductive, absorbable and bioactive
  • No inflammatory reactions thanks to an appropriate amount of β-TCP
  • Instruments sets for all kinds of techniques
  • MRI and X-ray compatible.


ACL repair Various shapes Adapted instrumentations


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