Osteotomies around the knee

Knee osteoarthritis is a chondropathy (disease of the cartilage) of the knee, causing its gradual disappearance. In some cases it is associated with an anomaly in the orientation of the axes of the femur and tibia. The main symptoms are pain and knee instability.

In case medical treatment fails, before considering an installation of a prosthetic knee, an osteotomy (from the Greek “oste,” “bone” and “tomê,” “section”) can be performed to allow near-normal activity, while maintaining the joint. It involves cutting the bone of the femur and/or tibia, in order to correct the axis defect and better distribute the weight of the body on the various parts of the knee, which can reduce or eliminate the pain.

The interest of the procedure is that it is conservative (does not affect the articular surfaces) and that it can provide lasting results. The most common osteotomies are valgus tibial osteotomy (VTO) on genu varum, and femoral varus osteotomy (FVO) on genu valgum.

Our osteotomy wedges for use in opening-wedge tibial osteotomies allow for very precise adjustment, total biosafety, efficient consolidation and reduced surgical time.

Our combined osteosyntheses help maintain and support the bone during wedge consolidation. The screws and plates have mechanical properties that allow rapid rehabilitation and an early restoration of support.

SBM provides several solutions for knee osteotomy:


  Wedges for High Tibial Osteotomies by addition

  Plates for High Tibial Osteotomies by addition

  Plates for Distal Femoral Osteotomies




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